After India, Twitter aims to take elections by storm world over

Twitter has undoubted played a significant role in Indian elections. Narendra Modi has used the social networking company to attract more and more voters to increase his vote bank and all his hard work finally paid off. Congress on the other hand, is still trying to figure out overcome its defeat. Competition would have been at the same platform if Congress party had taken help of the social networking websites at the same scale that BJP did.

Strasbourg : European Elections

Be it teaming up using mobile and media firms or taking shelter of public platforms, Modi made sure and used everything in his favour.

With countries like Indonesia, Brazil, and United states, due for the upcoming elections, Twitter is now all set to make its role noticeable in Indian elections. This would surely be taking Twitter to another level.

The company has reportedly sent one of its political strategists to Brazil and the outcome of this meeting is that senators are likely to use Twitter’s six-second video app Vine (Influenced by the role Twitter played in Indian elections).

In US elections, Twitter has come with an innovative strategy to add the voting date to their mobile calendar using a tweet.

Not to forget that in 2012 (US Presidential elections) Twitter came into foreground. Barack Obama now maintains a record number of having 43 million Twitter followers, Narendra Modi, knowingly or unknowingly utilised Twitters popularity and now its Twitter’s turn to acquire the benefits.

BJP moved ahead of its opposition, explored technology, and spread the buzz all over, as a result of which Twitter is now planning to repeat the history in other developing countries.

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The Modi wave

Narendra Modi is somehow aware of the effects technology has on not only the youth but also people of all age group. With 4.3 million Twitter followers in account, Modi has not left a single stone unturned to influence the Indian voters. You can notice the newly elected prime minister trying to get attention of his fellow citizens by making his photographs with his mother public.

Shashi Tharoor tried his level best to make Congress party aware of the ongoing buzz of Social networking. India has an approximate number of 239 million internet users along with 900 million getting connected through mobile phones. Tharoor, unlike other Congress leaders has always been aware of the fact that Social media would play a crucial role and could turn things upside-down for Congress. One of the first Indian leaders to use social networking and having around 2 million Twitter followers, Tharoor has, one more time advised Congress party to catch the wave and joint the platform.

Who can deny the effects online media has on youth, but call it a need of the day or everlasting platform of entertainment, social networking has really come up with its ever-increasing influence.

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