eBay announced cyber attack, notifying users to change passwords

On Wednesday, ebay has announced that its database had been hacked and users’ password information had compromised. eBay says there is no evidence regarding the hack that user’s financial information was stolen, the company notifying all users to change their passwords.


The initial report had published that the database hacked and users’ information published for sale. The database information includes names, passwords, address and e-mail, date of birth and phone numbers. The sample of the database displayed on the website Pastebin contains the information of around 12,000 people. However, eBay says the numbers displayed are not genuine.

The published list then checked and some of the number displayed on the website found genuine and users got concerned about the security of eBay’s online payment unit, PayPal.

Company’s spokesperson told, “The published lists are not authentic to eBay accounts and no financial information of the users’ had compromised.”

On May 21, 2014, eBay’s online payment unit posted a blog entitled “eBay, Inc. to ask all eBay uses to change Passwords.” The blog quickly hit the web but included just the title. No other information was there. eBay then removed the post, more confusion creating for the users of the online auction house.


In the official blog, the information about the hack is posted by eBay. The users will ask to change their passwords starting later on Monday by the company. Following the news of the eBay hack, shares are down 1.73 %, or 90 cents, to $51.06.

After attempting wide test on the company’s networks, the company announced that there is no evidence regarding the unauthorized access to financial information of user that is stored in encrypted formats and eBay wrote in the post, “However, to enhance security for eBay users, changing passwords is the best option.”

eBay revealed that it had faced a cyber attack problem two weeks ago and attempted forensics activities to resolve compromised database and information. Company pointed, “a small number of employees information” hacked by cyber attackers.

Later on Wednesday, eBay used site updates, email, and other marketing channels to notify users to change their passwords. eBay also ended its post saying, “never use same password across multiple sites or accounts.”

However, ebay has notify all the users to change their password but did not reveal the numbers of customers might have had stolen identity. Therefore, users need to be careful with the security credentials.

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