Are celeb divorces inspiring the youth in the wrong way?

Celebrities live their entire life in the spotlight, so it comes as no surprise to many if each of their actions is imitated a thousand times over by their adoring fans. This is why it is important to many celebrities to undertake only good causes using their fame to promoter greater good.


These are the celebrities that understand the power that their influence has and so take up note worthy causes and charities, in the hopes that their fans will do the same. Take Angeline Jolie for instance, she has adopted children from poorer nations giving them a chance to live normal lives that they would not have had otherwise.

Many other big A list celebrities are also supporting charities, but choose not to talk about it as they do this because it has been their life time goal.

Most of these celebrities are known mostly through their work and it these particular individuals who are a good inspiration for many others to help charities and support a good cause. This kind of influence can be termed as good because while they earn in millions doing what they love, they make sure that they donate twice as much.

Like all other things, there is a down side to the Hollywood glitz. There are many celebrities who may not be a good influence on youth; they are usually drunk, getting into accidents and lead frivolous lives that don’t really amount to anything.


People who do imitate stars should choose the rights ones, since celebrities are always being monitored, they too should determine what actions would put them in the best light.

While our personal choices and that of the stars cannot be controlled, people often imitate their fashion and life style choices. While celebrities can afford designer clothing and other items, their fans often run into huge debts as they purchase items that are insanely expensive.

This is one of the trends that don’t seem to be all that good as it leads to excessive spending and quite often these people seem to be more bothered about having the very best, no matter what it costs them.

People also buy expensive items for their pets and children, even if it means fore going clothing and food items. Imitation to such extreme limits can be harmful.

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