Celebrities who outnumbered their Ex?s in terms of fame

Celebrity romance and breakup are two equally eye catching things. After losing the game of love, couples part their ways and kind of become strangers. Well, talking about Hollywood, a lot many couples are there who started as a sweet loving couple and ended as strangers. We will talk about Hollywood couples who broke up, and after that who among the two got more fame and eminence. Have a look:


Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton:

When Billy married Angelina, he was a top class actor with big movies like Armageddon and Sling Blade, while Angelina was not that famous. However, soon after they divorced, Angelina became a superstar and climbed up the fame ladder unusually. She adopted some children and formed a couple with super good-looking and married Brad Pitt. People call the couple Brangelina.


Johnny Depp & Winona Ryder:

Sometime in the Hollywood history, Winona Ryder was a major actor. When the romance between her and Depp started, Winona had a bigger share of success as compared to Depp. However, Depp?s career picked up and touched the heights that no one could even imagine, whereas Winona saw a substantial fall in her blooming career and fell out of limelight.


Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia:

The start of their romance is a bit funny, as they started dating while playing the characters of uncle and niece in a sci-fi drama Heroes. However, with the end of the show their romance also ended. After that Panettiere happened to maintain a good career by doing high profile work, whereas Ventimiglia kind of fell down on the fame scale.


Kim Kardashian & Ray J:

A short-lived moment was there in the history of Hollywood when Ray J was more prominent than Kim Kardashian. He was almost everywhere in the music videos, albums and in episode of Moesha. Whereas, Kim was a little known personality who had a little fame owing to the fact that she was Paris Hilton?s friend. However, now the case is different, as the times have changed. Kim is extremely famous, be it owing to her publicity stunts or the real talent, she is everywhere and Ray J is almost nowhere.

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Jim Carrey & Lauren Holly:

Their romance started with a highly successful Jim Carrey and not so successful Lauren. However, the tables literally turned after their break up, as Lauren reached the pinnacle of her success and Jim rather sunk.

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