are we responsible citizen of india? choice is yours

We all are responsible citizen of this country .It’s our
responsibility to make our country clean and build honest
In countries where the government and political environment is
honest, generally you will find that the people are honest, law
abiding and helpful. And the reverse is true too. In a corrupt
environment, an honest person has a tough time. Whereas in an honest
environment, the corrupt one has a tough time.We have to try to make
our government honest, law abiding and helpful so that ministers like
Renuka see a tough time in honest environment and realize the
difference between animal and men.
I will try my best to ruin this Congress party future in delhi
and after that in India. History takes time to build. We have to take
initiative to make congress as a bad chapter in Indian history. I am
not in favour of any other party. But I would expect the following
things from our future leaders and party :
1. Terrorist should be treated as terrorist no t hindu terrorist ,
muslim terrorist or sikh terrorist.
2. They should be capable enough to stop the person like Raj Thakrey,
who is misleading the youth in maharastra for name of Maratha. In
which congess shows it’s uncapability. Otherwise our single country
would divided into 28 cast wise countries.
3. Before creating or implementing any biased law(498a,DV etc) in
society , think for ample of times about result and pros and cons of
the law..It should not seem like that you have made the law in
drunken state of mind.
Let’s join together to make our country a honest, law abiding
country viru

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