Israeli Bulldozers Flatten Farmlands in Gaza

israeli army bulldozers in gaza  file 2007 1 PEIOE

The residents of al-Fukhari neighborhood in the Gaza Stripe told of the recent incursion in their village of nine Israeli tanks and two bulldozers. According to eye witness reports, the tanks and bulldozers began to destroy greenhouses and potato fields.

The soldiers in their tanks used the tank machine guns to scare off farmers as Israeli bulldozers destroyers their farms.

The effort by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) was to strengthen the collective starvation of the Palestinian people because they had voted for Hamas in the previous territorial elections.

The Israeli government has been enforcing a blockade of Gaza with only very few UN-convoy food and medical trucks allowed in. Even many of the UN’s trucks though have been turned down. Israel if now going after domestic sources of food for the Palestinians in an act reminiscent of the Nazi’s forcing of Jews in poverty stricken, isolated and poorly supplied ghettos.

Israel is now currently maintaining a cease-fire with Hamas, though when that ends in December. A Hamas spokesman said that if Israel launched a full-scale attack on Gaza after the end of the ceasefire it would suffer enormous consequences: “We are ready to burn the land under the feet of the enemy when it attacks us anytime after the lull is over.”

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