Awesome breakfast taco combinations that give your day an awesome start

Most of the people who have ever tasted Mexican cuisine are fans of tacos, the thin and flat maize or flour pancakes. While there are a variety of mixtures that you may use to fill inside a taco, here are some combos that are great and nutritious for breakfast. Read, cook, and enjoy these amazing breakfast taco combinations. Believe us; theseare awesome.

Egg, sausage, potato, onion

This combination for breakfast tacos can fill you right away. It is very delicious with a mix of regular breakfast items like eggs and sausage. Adding a bit of potato and onion, as well as Serrano peppers will make it a heavenly delight for you. Try it now.

Tomato, queso fresco, pickled jalapenos


We know this combination must be mouthwatering for you. Just cook two whisked eggs in a tablespoon of butter and sprinkle some pepper and salt on them according to your taste. When eggs go soft, add crumbled queso fresco cheese to it. Fill inside your taco and add other toppings. Your tangy breakfast taco is ready to munch on.

Black beans, cilantro, salsa verde

Prefer to make this taco with a fried crispy egg. It will make the combination of black beans, salsa verde, and egg balanced on softness and crunchiness. Topping it with cilantro brings a wonderful flavor to the entire breakfast dish.

Chorizo and egg

two fried eggs in a black pan

Even some simple combinations can work for breakfast tacos when you have limited time. Simply put some chorizo and a fried egg on a warm taco and make a quick wrap. You can eat it in your car too. Such breakfast tacos solve the problems of a busy life, and keep you energetic and nourished.

Tofu scramble, jalapenos, onion, garlic

Use this combination for your breakfast taco and you will be in heaven. It is very delicious and tempting. You will not be able to resist it. You may even add a potato hash cake to it. If you are a vegan, then you can also try it without onions and garlic. It will still be a treat.

Chorizo, radish, and queso fresco

This is another interesting combination for a tasty breakfast taco.When you cook and add crispy chorizo and seasoned egg to a taco and top it with sliced radishes and queso fresco, it gives you an energetic combo.

Breakfast tacos are meant for your morning breakfast time. Try some interesting filling combos in your breakfast tacos and give healthy energy and freshness to your day.

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