Is Kejriwal being the butt of jokes unfair?

Arvind Kejriwal will be remembered by Indian Politics for a very long time to come. His appearance at Raj Ghat is one that will not be forgotten by many of his followers; it really was a sad picture as he was once seen as a beacon of hope that could change the face of politics in India. He had also promised his supporters that he would make significant changes in the functioning of the government and remove all corruption.


Kejiriwal now has to devote his time to protest against the insults and the violence being meted out to him, the general reaction of the people that is evident on social media pages are mostly ridicule or derision. There is how ever still some support but this is just a very small drop in a sea of contempt and disdain.

Arvind had caused a whirl wind with his anti corruption movement that had created a stir across the nation, with many seeing his movement as being similar in many ways to the freedom struggles. Critics, however still maintain that these protesters were mostly trouble makers and any form of real change can only come from within the walls of the Parliament. It seems like the critics correctly judged the final outcome of the Kejriwal movement and perhaps even predicted what would happen.


They even had a very good point, in that if all their actions were being done merely through protest, then the elected official of this movement would gradually become a puppet or redundant. While public protest is our freedom and an important catalyst for an important cause, it cannot really dictates the actions of the government as this would amount to mob rule.

Other things that may have forced Kejriwal to quit is the case of fraud and perjury against him, the punishment meant for former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Kejriwal said that prosecution would only take place once evidence was provided. This is because at this point, the AAP had teamed up with the Congress and it would be impossible to cut off this branch that was leveraging them to power.

This was probably the first time that his followers had felt betrayed, but they were very enthusiastic and over looked it. Disaster had struck after this, as the janta durbar had to be abandoned, the interview with Aaj Tak was fixed, then there was the debacle of a protest outside the Home Ministers office over the Danish rape victim. Things eventually got uncontrollable till Kejriwal finally quit.

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