BJP government shows true colors, takes tough stance against Pakistan

India has ushered in a new era of political rule. Yes, we are talking about the next PM Mr. Narendra Modi, who will be the guardian for the next five years. This new change is surrounded by multiple foreign and domestic challenges for which the entire attention of the new premier is required. New leadership brings in new political strategies, and the foreign policies and strategies are the most crucial ones to bring in.


There are anticipations that the new foreign policy that Modi will adopt is going to be far more strict and aggressive. The neighboring countries developed these anticipations after closely analyzing the gestures made by Narendra Modi. There are several instances pre and post formation of Modi government that reveal how critical Modi is especially about Pakistan. During his campaign, Modi criticized the previous government for being a failure in handling the provocations on border made by Pakistan.

He further said that India needs to act with more aggression if it wants to stop the nonsense of the Pakistani government. However, the experts criticized Modi’s speech and called it a potential threat that could make the already tense relations between the two countries worse. Pakistan had strongly reacted to this speech and had asked Modi to refrain from such kind of statements that are not backed by proofs.

465223769Well, this was a pre election incident and now comes the post election incident which has infuriated Pakistan to the core. The incident is a threat that new Indian government has sent to Pakistan. The BJP is all set to form the government, and the party has talked tough on Pakistan. Senior BJP leader – Nitin Gadkari – has warned Pakistan to stop the export of terror, or else the new government will give a befitting reply to Islamabad.

Nitin Gadkari made these remarks in a heated discussion in a news channel. He said India wants to be at peace with Pakistan but if Pakistan will continue to be a bad egg, then India will revert back soon. He said they are not like the previous governments. Under normal circumstances they do not want war with Pakistan, but they have zero tolerance for the terrorism and terrorist organizations, and if Pakistan will not stop supporting terrorism then for sure there will be a war because they do not fear anything like the previous governments.

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