Paltrow trying to get over split

Gwyneth Paltrow has been trying to get over her recent divorce from her husband Chris Martin of Cold Play fame.

The actress had gone public with her divorce that came to many of her fans as a shock after ten years of marriage, she had also told fans that she had to endure all kinds of emotional pain that one could possibly imagine.


On her lifestyle website, Paltrow had told her followers that Vicky Vlachonis, a healer and osteopath had helped her to endure the pain of separation and over the course of her marriage, Vicky had also helped her with other forms of pain as well- joint, muscle, postnatal, emotional, and otherwise.

Paltrow had also said that Vicky Vlachonis had released her first book on April 22nd titled “The Body Doesn’t Lie”. This book describes all her methods and philosophies that can be applied for mitigating pain and had been religiously followed by Paltrow herself.


Vicky Vlachonis website,, was the first one to receive the news of the divorce of the couple. Chris and Gwyneth had shared the news of their divorce on a blog titled- Conscious Uncoupling.

In their statement they had mentioned how saddened they were in their hearts that they had finally decided to separate. The couple had also said that they had worked hard to save their marriage and to try to see what was possible between them, and that they had also come to the conclusion that although they love each other very much, they felt that they had to separate.

They still see themselves as a full family as the couple has children together and that they still plan to be a closer then ever.

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