Brands embracing Southern actors for ads

With the marketing trends evolving into a livid global image, Indians are sure to see bollywood merging with tollywood, atleast as far as advertising is concerned. The brands are in need of some fresh new faces that represent the nation as a whole and at the same time, hold their market in South India as well. What could be better than signing up South Indian stars for it? They have a combination of good looks with popularity and national acceptance.

South Indian actors endorsing brands

This emerging trend is bound to dissolve the gap between north Indian and south Indian cinema. Not only that, the brands are in profit as they do not have to sign area specific stars for promotion. It saves the tedious task of signing up a star who represents a particular population, and definitely the money involved to do so. The new age marketers are all set to change the existing strategies and willing to do something different yet catchy.

1. Mahesh Babu with ‘thumbs up’ stunts

All eyes were turned to South Indian chocolate boy Mahesh Babu when he was seen in the latest Thums Up ad. Adrenaline rush is guaranteed with a jaw dropping stunt sequence that is carried off perfectly by the suave Mahesh Babu. He totally represents the youth style along with the passion and his gripping attitude.

It is apparently believed that the choice of this South Indian star was made because the company wanted to maintain its youthful image. Mahesh, with his stunning looks fits all criterias. The nation, for years has been watching Akshay Kumar performing some real life stunts. The contract with Kumar, however, could not be renewed since the company needed a fresh face. Whereas, Mahesh Babu has been doing Coca Cola commercials in Andhra Pradesh for some time now, and it was the time he made his presence felt all over India.

2. ‘Frooti’ boy: Siddharth

Frooti has been the only Indian brand to go faceless for all these years. It had been solely using the mango entity for its advertisement. But recently, we saw Tamil-Telugu heart throb Siddharth, posing with his cute dimples and a Frooti bottle. Siddharth is the first star to be signed by Parle-Agro for the promotion of its mango pulp drink, Frooti.

The decision was apparently made to strengthen its market in South. But along with the popularity and huge fan following of the star all over India, the company is sure to strike a bigger deal. The star who has also been appreciated for his role in Hindi movies like ‘Rang De Basanti’ and ‘Striker’, definitely has a much required pan-India appeal to add more value to the brand.

3. Roadside ‘Duro’ Karan

The Tamil actor Karan is seen with bollywood beauty, Kareena Kapoor in Mahindra’s latest commercial for its 2-wheeler, Duro. The act shows Kareena Kapoor playing a sales-girl, who tries to impress him with her South Indian accent and sells the scooter to the customer (Karan).

This advertisement is a well thought and well executed idea as it sells to Southern India with Karan as well as to North India with the ever popular Kareena. Karan who is a super star of Southern Cinema, is not very well known to the North Indian population, this stint is bound to develop market in both regions.

4. Surya in ‘close-up’

South Indian heart throb Surya is all set to capture the market with his innocent smile. He is the new face of Close-up, the first gel toothpaste in India. Close up has been a household name for a toothpaste in India for many years. It has both rural and well as urban market. Surya with his bright and confident smile is sure to make the youth smitten, and also familiarize customer as to how a confident, odor free smile can make an ever lasting impression.

The changing advertising trends are sure to bring a change to the North Indian audience . There will be fresh faces that will outshine the few Indian actors who have been publicising for all brands. Since, the North Indian market is opening up for South Indian stars as well, the existing stars might have to share both screen and fees with them.

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