Famous B’wood celebs and their stalkers

Imagine being followed day and night or being stared for hours by the prying eyes, you don’t recognize! Even listening to such horrific stories would give one goose bumps, then how do our loved celebrities feel when they go through the agony of being relentlessly tracked by obsessive fans who could go to any extreme for their attention. As is truly quoted, nothing comes without a cost, our actresses and even actors are mauled by such fanatics, paying the price for their stardom.

The following passages bring to light the inconvenience caused to Indian film actors by their so called ‘compulsive admirers’.

Vidya Balan

A talented actress with many fans, Vidya Balan became the talk of the town with her sensuous character in the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’. Post release of the movie, Vidya was being continually tracked and followed by an obsessive man in late 20s or early 30s. The man had the guts to even visit her Khar house but was unable to meet her since she was out. Subsequently, a police case was filed and the man was arrested but released soon with a mere warning.

Shahid Kapoor

The chocolaty hunk is the current heartthrob of many females but lately Shahid came face to face with one of the most obsessive fans of his, who even claims to be his wife! This admirer of Shahid has cornered him at many occasions but the worst one was banging his door in the middle of the night at 3 am. The woman, who is told to be suffering from the loss of her father as well as difficult career patch, took to stalking Shahid some 6 months back.

Dia Mirza

Who does not admire the beautiful Dia Mirza but how about a stalker who proposed her for marriage? Dia was shocked to the core when her stalker for 6 years, a man in early 30s and a doctor by profession, barged into her house the day next to her birthday with an engagement ring and asked her to marry him. Dia breathed easy, when finally a complaint was lodged and the man was arrested.

Kangana Ranuat

Actress Kangana Ranuat was being stalked by an obsessive fan who even went to the length of sitting on a fast, just because he was not being allowed to meet her. But Kangana got the biggest shock when the ‘so called’ fan of hers tried to forcefully crash into her gym just to have a glimpse of her. Later on, the man was handed over to police.

Minissha Lamba

The lovely Minissha Lamba hasn’t been spared of the harassment either. A highly notorious and obsessive stalker who had the reputation of following other stars in the past, repeatedly bothered Minissha with calls from various numbers and extremely lewd text messages. Minissha lodged a non cognizable complaint against the stalker at Versova police station.

Katrina Kaif

The sugary sweet actress has bowled over many fans with her beautiful smile and fresh looks. Post the release of her movie ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani’, Katrina was jolted by the appearance of a haunting fan who followed her at the movie sets, promos and even her house. Distraught Katrina was finally eased when the stalker was captured by her security personals and handed over to the police.


Asin was not spared of harassment either. Recently a man in mid 20s, followed the star brazenly during her Singapore tour. The obsessive fan didn’t even mind the security guards and barged into the hotel room where she was staying.

Mugdha Godse

Inspired by Mugdha’s recently released movie, “Will you marry me?” a compulsive fan of hers approached her at the launch party of the movie’s music and proposed her. To entice her, he is even believed to have sent her bouquets on Valentine’s Day and world tour offers over SMS. Although, post lodging a formal complaint the stalker restricted himself to just giving blank calls to her, the producer of the movie offered two bouncers to be positioned at her residence permanently till the final launch of the movie.

Celina Jaitley

After being repeatedly harassed by an obsessive fan of hers who claimed to keep an eye on every move of hers, Celina finally took a sigh of relief when a complaint was lodged at the Versova police station against the man. The man, who called her from different numbers posing to be a driver or yoga teacher even abused her for not responding to his calls.

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