Britney scorches Rolling Stone cover!

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The wait is finally over! Rolling Stone‘s latest issue (December 2008) comes out this Friday and marks the beginning of a new era for Britney Spears. Well, there’s nothing to prove on the music front, as she has already reclaimed back her position as the Pop Princess, but the stunning cover of the mag will bring back memories of olden days when Brit’s face was a regular on the covers of most celeb mags.

Anyway, Britney is back on the cover, and she is back with a bang. Sporting a pair of jeans and tees, she looks as fit and fresh as a newly plucked cucumber. Looking at her perfectly toned figure (I really had a tough time trying to get my eyes off her sexy waist!), it can be safely declared that she HAS reclaimed her sexy figure.

Inside, the Circus queen speaks about herself and her kids. And well, she also speaks about how K-Fed has been corrupting the kids’ brain by teaching them words like ‘stupid’ and well, the f-word!

Anyway, be sure to get your copy before it vanishes from the stands.

Source: Dlisted

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