Britney’s nightie dress

britneys nightie nightmare 14

I don’t understand what’s wrong with this babe. I guess she feels that the whole world is her bedroom.

Britney Spears hit another fashion meltdown as she was seen strolling in what looked like a see-through Camisole slip and cowboy boots in the Californian winter sunshine.

Proudly showing off her pink lacy underwear, it seemed as if Britney’s fashion priorities have fallen by the wayside as she desperately attempts to attract the paparazzi, by employing all kind of stupid gimmicks.

The 25-year-old pop tart posted an explanation to fans on her website on the new year. She appealed to fans, saying, ‘I know I’ve been far from perfect.’

Blaming her present state of crisis on the press she said, ‘the media has criticised my every move and printed a skewed perception of who I really am.’

The dress, not the media speaks laurels about your attitude Britney…so grow up!


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