Bruce Willis lashes out at Ashton Kutcher after cheating expose

Bruce Wills lashes out on Ashton

While the world is closely watching every move Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are making, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore’s ex husband, lashed out at Ashton Kutcher for cheating. Bruce Wills is believed to have become agitated by the sheer disrespect Kutcher has shown to Demi through his actions.

The 56 year old actor married Demi Moore in 1987, and is the father to three daughters from their 13 year old marriage. Though, the couple gave no public reason for their breakup but Bruce still attended Demi???s marriage with Ashton after their hushed divorce. The fans were rather maneuvered by the sturdy kinship that all of them were able to represent. Now, the fans are in shock too. This wonderful alliance seems to be utterly shattered by Ashton???s deeds and his living on the edge.

Ashton has been in news for his link ups with Sara Leal. Countless niceties have surfaced about their believed relationship. One such incident was a $3500 night suite at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel, where the ‘Just Married’ star spent a night with Sara. The real party girl, Ms. Leal and Ashton???s alleged fling seems to have been ruining his 6 year old marriage with Demi.

Ashton, who is called- ‘MOO’ by the three girls; means ???My other Dad???, had an unlikely buddy in Bruce. Bruce always felt that his family was in secure hands. He also felt that their family association was being watched as an exemplary example over these plentiful years.

As the fans watch the access given to Sara Leal, Ashton has undoubtedly disturbed the family harmony. It has been known from sources that Ashton and Demi are trying to fix their affiliation right to make their marriage work. They are still living together. Though, Ashton and Demi have been displaying signs of solidarity, however, ex-husband Bruce has now lashed out his anger towards Ashton. An ideal image of a modern family now stands devastated at the hand of the young actor.

On the other hand, Sara Leal shares more about her sleep over in San Diego Hotel and the party the duo attended that night. The family image is further being tarnished. Sara acclaims to witness Ashton admitting to her about his final break up with Demi among her friends. According to Sara, the two have also shared physical intimacy in that luxurious suite as the night progressed. She also claimed that she was victimized and had no clue that Ashton and Demi were still a couple.

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