Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ready to walk down the aisle!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Did you also get your eyes wide open by this news like mine’s? I am sure you did. Here is the news for Twilight fans which can take them to the roller coaster of amazement and shock. Those who love watching Twilight love birds together onscreen will now get their mouth flung open with this news. Apparently a lot gung ho was going around in the past regarding whether Twilight celebrities Robert Pattinson (playing as Edward Cullen) and Kristen Stewart (playing as Bella Swan) will tie a knot. All the flashy and shocking news is coming from different websites stating both the actors are ready to walk down the aisle in coming November and soon they will get each other locked up by a formal engagement ceremony.

As the making of Twilight Saga sequel Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 are about to finish and supposedly Part 1 is all aboard to feature in theaters this 18th November, rumors of getting two sweet love birds Rob and Kristen ready to fix their relationship officially is a widespread. Both the actors are enjoying making of the movie. Particularly, Breaking Dawn Part 1 is featuring the marriage of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in a fashionable manner and therefore it is to be believed that the rumors are all gearing up because of this tying-the-knot scene in the movie.

Gradually the picture is clearing up and real scene is emerging from behind which says that such news is believed to be meaningless and just rumors and many sites are supporting it now. The site gossipcop has revealed that both the actors are not planning any such occasion. Rumors are also settling up higher as news has reported that Robert has bought a pricey rose diamond ring as a birthday gift for Kristen Stewart who turned 21 last week. Estimation is it is as costly as $17,000.

When asked Robert about his marriage plans, he declared it would be a sweet short arrangement with the inclusion of family and close friends only. No ‘Hi’ ‘Hello’ formal friends would be the part of his real marriage. It goes well tuned with the context of the book Breaking Dawn where Edward and Bella have called only for their family and close friends in their virtual marriage ceremony. Isn’t it beautiful co-incidence that off screen couple is carrying the same wish as onscreen? Now when it is considered this tying-the-knot news just a rumor because of the movie aboard, that does not mean that both the two actors are not serious and not-into-each-other. Few months back in an interview by GQ magazine, Kristen Stewart when asked about her boyfriend, she shyly replied, ‘He is an English guy’ and Robert is indeed an English guy. In her recent interview, Kristen declared that she is moreover serious about her career and apparently not planning anything such. Whether they marry or not, we all fans wish them an amazing career full of love and passion.

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