Harry Styles is helping to keep Alexa Chung warm at night

Harry Styles romantic life seems to be in a mess as the singer is unable to find a steady girl for himself. His rumored girl friends keep changing at a lightening speed and as per the rumors he is presently quite close of none other than Alexa Chung. The two were recently spotted enjoying at a birthday party of one of their mutual friends; Pixie. Both Alexa and Harry seemed to enjoy each and other?s company and no one missed any chance of flirting with another. The duo spent the whole night talking and flirting with each other and we can expect some change in the relationship status soon!

The fun for Alexa and Harry Styles did not end the entire night as both of them were seen together the next morning as they came out from a club. It seemed that both of them had a really great time in each other?s company. The birthday party for Pixie kick started from one of the karaoke bars although after some the group shifted to a spot in Soho to continue the celebrations. Pixie got some serious threats in the past when she was photographed with the singer Harry Styles.


It was when the party people were enjoying the party in Soho; Alexa and Harry were busy flirting with one another and the onlookers did not seem to miss a thing. This new development from the part of Harry Styles came forward only after one week when he was clicked with Pixie and he was also rumored to have a flirtatious conversation with Cara Delevingne. It certainly looks like the singer is very confused as far his love life is concerned.


The last week was very eventful for Harry Styles when looked from a romantic front as he was linked with not one but three popular women. Harry Styles is just eighteen years old and it looks like that the singer has a thing for older women as suggested by the past records. In such small age he has managed to gain a lot of link ups. It looks like the singer?s charm works well with women older than him and the same has been proven at a lot of occasions in the past as well. It is just a matter of time when there will be new rumors of Harry Styles getting cozy with another pretty lady!

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