Bundling Internet, TV, and Phone: Is It Worth It?

Bundling Internet, TV, and Phone

If you are searching for a great package on cable TV, or if you have relocated to your new home recently and want to link cable and Internet service, you may question if bundling packages are worth it. It sounds almost too perfect to be real — three utilities at a low monthly rate. Just as all in existence, there are benefits and drawbacks of price packages, so they may not be perfect for all. In order to get insider advice on when bundling is the best option for you, give this a read!

What is bundling?

home securityBundling applies to the aggregation of two or more services at a reduced cost. Any mix of internet, television, telephone, cellular plan and even home security may be included in the bundle.TV and internet are usually listed in a double package whereas, the triple-play package includes a home phone as well. Some operators offer quad packs with a flexible monthly rate involving cable, internet, home phone, and cellular networks.

Those still wondering about cutting the cord may think of a package offered by providers like Spectrum bundles that consist of high-speed internet along with a Wi-Fi, several HD channels, bundled with home telephone service at a much lower price stand-alone services.

Why should you bundle up?

You will save the monthly costs with the right bundle. Providers in return save money by selling various services to consumers, so they are willing to pass the benefits back to you as faithful clients. Cable or internet access stand-alone costs about as much as a package. Cable TV, the Internet, and cellular plan even save more money than mere television and broadband bundling. Providers even give consumers extra incentives for bundled services. Bundling TV with the Internet offers you a single bill, not two or three. This saves money and reduces the chance of late payment as only one bill needs to be remembered.

Companies offer more benefits with an increasing number of services. For consumers buying a cable/internet package, vendors may offer gift cards up to $400 or may even give you a contract buy-out plan that takes care of the early termination fees if you are stuck in a contract.  It could be like having a few months free of charge depending on the plan you chose.

Some services offer consumers who join a free loyalty scheme to receive cash points for products, to participate in contests to attend community activities, and to collect incentives for local businesses and activities. Often, if you combine television and Broadband, a cable operator improves data speed. Providers may also have exclusive benefits to offer in the form of apps, free DVRs, and other bundling package opportunities. You might also enjoy the free professional installation of the services when you bundle up.

Cons of bundles?

streaming sites like NetflixBundles are not the best choice for everyone. When you rely on your mobile phone, like so many people do, to watch all your movies and TV shows via online streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, or others, you are paying for things you don’t use. Although the price of service increases in a package, if you purchase just high-speed Broadband you can spend less each month. For instance, for cable/phone and the Internet, you might pay $90 or for the high-speed Internet only. You could pay $60. You could save $30 a month and $360 a year if you don’t use the other two services.

That is a month’s allowance for vehicles or foodstuffs for certain individuals. Besides, this low price package often comes with a two-year contract to lock you into your provider, even though you’re unhappy about your choice or service, or if you find another provider’s better deal. Often, cable companies purchase your old contract and persuade you to change the provider. Therefore, you might look into purchasing a stand-alone package without a contract if you do not want to contend with the problems of long-term commitments.

Who Should and Shouldn’t?

Families or individuals with loads of fun, like exposure to premium channels, including HBO ®, should think of creating a package so you will get quicker loading rates, additional channel choices, and premium channels as a bonus add-on.

Light internet and TV consumers can have to test if the value of a subscription deal is worth the extra charge on the individual internet or TV plans.

Final thought

A bundle provides a great offer for households who need television, cable and Internet facilities with added benefits, but may not provide options to purchase the services separately. However, a bundle often costs more in case you only use one service – typically, the high-speed Internet. Using the software at localcabledeals.com helps you pick the right strategy and requirements for your family according to your needs and budget.

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