Can the oil deal bring Israel and Palestine closer?

At times, miracles do happen. A recent deal signed between two belligerent nations is nothing short of a miracle. A billion dollar deal has been inked, recently between an Israeli natural gas field situated in Leviathan and Palestinian Power Company. Big money is involved; therefore, the stakes are high. Both the countries would benefit from it in equal measures.


There are certain questions that must be knocking at the doors of your sanity. Is this an indication towards building cordial relations between the two warring nations? How long the accord would work? The answer lies only in the womb of future.

The two nations of Israel and Palestine have a troubled past and they have failed to come to terms with each other. The root cause of contention is obscured in the history of the making of Israel. Israel came into existence soon after the Second World War ended. The Jews residing in all parts of the globe converged to their “home land”.  The land is the real bone of contention between the two nations, as Palestine considers the land inhabited by the Jews to be its part.


The countries have since come to blows several times in the past. The humanity has witnessed a great deal of bloodshed when these two nations are at their belligerent best. The United Nations has tried its level best to bring these two foes at even terms but the rigid stand adopted by the nations has made the talks more or less, futile.

The oil deal between the nations has broken the ice to an extent. It may open the floodgates for viable talks, which must be aimed at establishing better political relations between them. The Israeli government has pledged, though off the records, to adhere to the essence of the deal even in times when the relations may worsen.


However, there are certain apprehensions in the Palestinian camp as it is wary of the fact that Israel would not honor the accord for long. There are people who strongly the deal on either side. Many of the Palestinians feel that there should not be any commercial venture between oppressor and the oppressed. The apprehensions are real as Israel may back out of the accord and make it void, the moment the tension escalates in the region.

Therefore, both the governments have to undertake confident building measures to make the accord materialize. It is debatable that it can provide the base for fresh peace talks. However, one thing is sure that this is a historic deal.

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