Changing Your Surroundings Can Attract Positivity In Your Life

Changing Your Surroundings Can Attract Positivity In Your Life

Call it a work/life strategy, or just a creative way to decorate, FengShui (pronounced “fungshway”) has interesting ideas that some people swear by. Studies show that people who are unhappy with their physical environment at work or home tend to be dissatisfied in general, and suffer high stress. The principles of FengShui suggest positive changes you can make to your working and living space to perk up your life and increase your well-being. And the best part is… most of them cost little or nothing.

FengShui is a 3,000 year-old practice which literally means fire and water. One of its key principles is the belief that you can affect the flow of energy around you by how you arrange items in your environment. Some believe you can achieve an optimal flow of positive energy, or “chi,” and thereby create harmony and balance and attract good luck and prosperity into your life.

Sounds a bit New Age to you? You are not alone. But before you decide FengShui is bunk, consider this: most of its principles are rooted more in common sense than mysticism.

Here are some examples:

1. Clear away the clutter

Clutterd roomFengShui says that by clearing clutter you are allowing the free flow of chi, putting away problems, and opening the way for new and desirable elements. Or, the common sense equivalent is, clutter distracts, wastes space and time and frustrates you when you cannot find things. The average executive wastes six weeks every year searching for misplaced items. In addition, studies show that 80 percent of papers kept and filed away are never looked at again.

2. Move your desk

FengShui says since business comes in through the door, it is wrong to turn your back on it. Or from a common sense standpoint, is it really wise to have your back to the door where you can’t see who is approaching? Also, sitting with your back to the door may cause coworkers to feel more isolated from you.

3. Adjust the lighting

woman installed New Lightings

FengShui says that inadequate or improper lighting poses a barrier to chi. Common sense says, poor lighting at work or at home causes eye strain, fatigue, and other eye problems. Adjustable lighting is the best solution. But if you’re dealing with overhead fluorescents, ask if some of the bulbs can be removed to reduce intensity and glare.

4. Reconsider the wall colour

FengShui says that colour can banish negative energy and stimulate positive energy. Or, looking at it with common sense, workplace designers generally agree that sunny tones cause employees to feel cheerful, whereas dark colors create gloom.

Here is what FengShui says about color:

The Chinese believe red brings luck, which is why many Chinese paint their front doors red. They believe that pinks, purples, and plums also bring luck.

Green is the colour of peace, growth, and freshness, an ideal colour for a bedroom.

Since yellow is the colour of the sun, it is believed to cause longevity.

Overuse of white is thought to bring too much “cold energy.” The Chinese like to break up the white with touches of colour like flowers.

Some more quick points from FengShui

FengShuiBelievers say a leafy green plant in a red pot brings financial gain. And, placing a healthy plant or a crystal bowl in the upper left corner of your desk is supposed to attract wealth, since that is your “wealth quadrant.”

FengShui also dictates that your innermost self will be at peace and in a state of Zen if you keep your body and mind nourished at all times. Thus, it is safe to say that under the norms and rules of the FengShui, you must not deprive your body of nutrition, as the body ultimately is the gateway to one’s soul. Keep yourself happy and satisfied with any food item that tickles your mind including desserts that are ordered through same day cake delivery in Delhi services.

Whether or not you believe in FengShui, you have to admit, occasional changes are a good way to perk up your day and give you a new perspective, inclusive of the one where you genuinely keep yourself happy!

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