Cooking economy is all about fresh ingredients


Cooking and economy go hand in hand, but an article brings to the surface the importance of coupling it with nutrition and flavors. Though the food budget is what you need to stick to, it is important to hunt for fresh ingredients available in plenty and variety only in local market and not the easy supermarket. Fresh produce will inevitable reduce wastage and buying them in small quantities will lead one to tailor your consumption as per portion size.

Nutritious foods also come with frozen foodstuffs like oily fishes, peas, tofu, broccoli, and meats. Leftover foods, UHT milk and long life yoghurts can elongate the usage of single ingredients in various dishes. It all depends upon the perishability and the contrasting freshness of the ingredients that you select, as to how tasty and nutritious your food is within the framework of your food budget.

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