Cool Celeb of the Week: Holly Madison

Holly Madison is the clear winner of this week’s Cool Celeb of the Week crown. I’ve said this too many times in the past and I repeat again that the day Holly left Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion will always be remembered in the pages of history as Holly’s victory and Hef’s defeat. There are others who think otherwise, but then, we can’t expect anything else from those who give their verdict with one eye closed. The bunny is out and Playboy Mansion has been reduced to a dungeon!

Holly Madison has successfully proved that she doesn’t need Hef’s spotlight to glitter in the celebrity world. The world record-breaking bikini parade on Las Vegas Strip is a clear example to prove my point. Holly successfully hosted the event and went on to prove that she is the ultimate bikini babe and a real cool celeb! Check out more pics after the jump.

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