King of Pop, Michael Jackson Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

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According to the latest reports, Michael Jackson was diagnosed with skin cancer some weeks ago when the doctors noticed spots on his neck and precancerous cells on his face. Jackson was seen , visiting a dermatologist in Beverly Hills wearing a mask and surgical cap. He was also seen at the Cedar-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, which has a specialist lab to test such diseases. Doctors say that the disease is treatable and Jackson will be treated by well known Santa Monica-based skin cancer surgeon Dr Ralph Massey.

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After several troubles regarding legal and personal concerns, this is another big difficulty for him but the spirit of the pop star doesn’t allow him to cancel his comeback tour in this summer which will be his first performance after the World Music Awards in 2006. All we wish is a very speedy recovery and a great tour ahead for Mikey!

Via: telegraph

Image link: aceshowbiz , flickr

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