Couples from Hollywood who divorced after years of marriage

There have been many couples in Hollywood whose marriage have ended up in a divorce after a decade or so. Here ‘s a look at some of the most famous Hollywood divorces-


Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger-

This famous couple fell in love on the sets of the film “ The Marrying Man” and immediately got married. But things went sour after seven years of marriage and both decided to part ways making it one of the most talked about divorces in Hollywood.

2006 Ryder Cup First Practice Day

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

As soon as the famous golfer’s secret affairs went public, things took a nasty turn in his married life. The much in love couple who had been married for a long time then ended up filing for divorce citing differences.


Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

This divorce was not only one of the most expensive divorces in the history of Hollywood but also one of the nastiest. They had been married for four years before things went sour between the couple.


Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson

This is the biggest celebrity divorce in the history of Hollywood. This couple had seven children together before they felt that they are no longer comfortable with each other. Finally they headed for a divorce.


Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

This is different in many ways. When they fell in love on the sets of “Cleopatra” both of them married to different people . Soon they divorced their partners and married each other only to go their separate ways .


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

This was indeed a much talked about divorce. After being married for a long time the couple opted for divorce .



This couple met in the year 1971 at a concert where Danny was performing. They moved to stay together within two weeks of their first meeting. This was indeed hasty but they were very compatible and got married in 1982 and later had three children together. The duo worked together on serial Taxi and film Matilda. But after thirty years of marriage they divorced.



This couple too was married for thirty six years and had been a sensation of those times when things took and they parted ways with each other. They were really an adorable couple of their times and people loved them.

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