Honeymoon Do’s To Get Some Breath

Honeymoon is one phase that has been glorified across countries and continents over ages. Be it Nigeria or Alaska, the joy and excitement associated with planning and going on a honeymoon is immense. However, taking a look at the other face of this moon can be tricky. the dicey and dishy things that people plan in a honeymoon is too irritating at times. Here are the doubts of planning a honeymoon needed so that you are at peace!


Warning– no one would tell you these ever. Take a close look!

Do not let your elders decide- it is mostly a gift that the honeymoon tickets land up as. It is the family and your eldest cousins or relatives who plan the honeymoon destination for you and your spouse. However, that is a squirmy idea.

Why, after all, will you want to go to their chosen place? Perhaps you two have something else in mind. But then, speak out, you could tell them, to give you your honeymoon gift by booking tickets but leave the destination choice on you! It is not at all rude, as you might thinkmight think!


Lingerie tips– This is for the ladies out there.

The lingerie cannot be a focus always!! It is fine just about when you pick the pieces and pack it in. However, wondering too much about how you could look and how much you could please him, could kill your honeymoon hunger. Your appetite will be there merely from being with your partner! Lingerie cannot seriously dictate the satiation level on your honeymoon!!


Sightseeing plans- Do not dare plan up sightseeing for you honeymoon. Just land up on the place and let your instincts decide the next track to take. You cannot afford to plan each bit picture perfectly. The honeymoon is best enjoyed on instinct!! It cannot be pre-planned to geometric perfection ever!

The last trick to avoid getting stressed on a honeymoon is getting too had trying to imagine your lovemaking moves. That’s the worst you can do. We know you are both consenting adults but the positions and tips are only a click away. Why plan all this and spoil the surprise?? Take it as it comes, there is no hurry. Of course, we do not intend a pun here! Good luck. Breathe on your honeymoon and come back refreshed!

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