Dating a Bihari: Things to Avoid

India is a religious country with many states and diversities living together. People of one religion do not live in India and hence, mixing of 2 different castes is inevitable. This happens more often when one is dating. One is bound to date someone or the other from a different religion or caste. However, one has to be careful when doing so. Hence, when dating a Bihari, one will have to avoid the following things to keep clashes at bay.

Teasing about the Accent while dating a Behari

Teasing about the Accent

Just like Americans have American accent, biharis have bihari accent. Deal with it or dump them. If you are dating someone from Bihar then you better get used to their accent. Keep from teasing them in public as well as in your private moments. It is a normal thing to have that accent and you don’t need to make a big deal about it.

Community Jokes

There are jokes on every community doing the rounds. The land of Bihar is not spared of them. However, it is best to keep them away from your Bihari date. They may not take very kindly to your jokes. No one likes to have jokes being cracked upon themselves. Biharis are no different.

Pointing Out at their Habits

Pointing Out at their Habits

Some habits are common to certain communities and the same goes for people from Bihar. It is best that these habits should not be pointed out and people ought to be left at peace. Biharis have some habits that are common to the people of their communities and hence, you should let them be and not point out the habits to them.

Making a Bad Reference to their Home Town

Yes, Bihar is popular for activities such as mugging and other things but that doesn’t mean every Bihari is a mugger. Hence, keep yourself in check before passing comments about the place that your date is coming from. It may not be as bad as you think and moreover, you are dating them means they are nice and you like them; so, don’t trouble them.

Thus, if you have a Bihari date then avoid making untowardly references and enjoy their company.

Summary – This article tells you about the things you should be avoiding altogether if you are dating someone from Bihar.

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