How to date a Gujju Guy


You may be a diehard Chicken eater and someone who binges only on eggs, chicken, mutton and sea food. But your Gujju guy may not necessarily appreciate it. Well, if he really loves you, he might not mind you continue with non veg food. But what is very interesting is that most of the gujjus are dead against non vegetarian food and even the sight of an egg may not be appealing to them. What is more, if he is from the Jain community, he may not even eat garlic and onions! Yes that’s true! Don’t worry, that’s cute because this means they won’t smell like garlic and also, when you kiss him it will definitely not have the smell of onions.  Also a lot of fast foods and foot items have been specially customized for Jains, so relax and don’t worry about not having a sandwich or even a Pizza with him


Modimania :

Talking anything against Modiji is a big no-no! Even tough have your personal opinion and freedom of expression and thought, Modiji is the epitome of development (he actually is) for your Gujju guy. Now that he is the honorable prime minister of India, you anyways have no chance to speak against him! Ensure you keep the hatred for Mr. Modiji (if at all…well the chances are less) to yourself, else he and his family might not even consider you!


Gujjus are business loving people. Chances are very high that if everything goes well, you might be his business partner. If you are the dominating type you may be even his boss! He will be your slave…..err … subordinate with pleasure and joy. This doesn’t mean you will have to quit or sacrifice your hard earned job. But you may have to definitely devote some time for him

couple talking about Share Market is big No for Dating a Gujju

Share Market :

Ignoring or disliking the Share markets is a big NO! And can be a turn off for your Gujju Guy. The world knows that they are heavily into the share market, yes almost everyone of them are into it!


While we can stereotype people on a general notion based on their linguistic backgrounds, people may or may not behave according to their cultural backgrounds and upbringings. Dating a Gujju guy would be quite interesting and fun too.

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