Dating Would Be Delightful A Punjabi Munda Was Paired With A Bengali Girl

The best platter of food evaWith a Bong and Punju together, their friends would sure be treated to the best food that we ever knew. From chole bhature to rasgullas, the couple would always have the best to offer.

Happy Couple

The right balance of being coy and being loud—Being loud would no more be sinful for the Punjabi guy while the Bong girl would well know how to be all coquettish!

There would never be a low moment—The fun elements common to both communities would make the pair too comfy with each other. In fact, we bet these two communities are the only ones wherein healthy flirting goes down well.

No one would have to worry about dieting—With the two communities coming together, no one would care for the diet plan anymore. Such a date could mean carefree feasting!


Shopping would no longer be a bone of contention- None of the communities detest shopping and when they couple up, there would be no typical fighting over how boring shopping is!

You could go dating in red pants or yellow boots—Both these communities dress without a care for season picks. When the dating game has a couple like we suggest, the guy could think he is Salman Khan and the girl would not mind. And yes, she could be all colorful and yet draw winks from the Punjabi boyfriend.

P.S- This is all in good humor and we are in no way mocking or jibing at eithercommunity. Rest assured that we know hundreds of real-life couples who are Punjabi on one half and Bong on the other. This is a surveyed opinion we have put together for fun!

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