Rejecting the marriage proposal you received at your workplace

Office is not a great place to brew a romance but sometimes things happen and you can’t really help them. So, what do you do if things happen that way? What if your boyfriend proposes you at work? Saying yes would be your second mistake, the first one was having a romantic affair at work. Seriously, generations have shouted at the top of their voice and advised people to stay away from romance at the workplace. A few might succeed, but the majority will crash and burn. Don’t poop where you eat, and don’t have a romantic liaison at work. In case you made the first mistake already, and got a proposal that you would now sensibly like to reject, here are some suggestions that could be employed.

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The royal ignore works everywhere

It may seem immature and unlikely of an adult but sometimes, you have little choice. If they don’t understand a simple fact that you aren’t really interested in them, you might as well give them a royal ignore. It will turn out to be in your favor sooner or later.

Ask for time

If you aren’t ready or don’t want to do it just yet then tell him that you need time. Construct your answer in the time you have brought for yourself and then tell him so. It will reduce the effect of a blow as time passes by and he will be prepared for either an acceptance or a rejection, both.

report to higher authorities

Report to the Authorities

Now, if one someone understand politeness then you may just be forced to report the matter to the higher authorities. After all, no one has the right to lunge after you or propose you in your work space. No one should be made to go throw an experience as harrowing as that one. Hence, all you ought to do is, go ahead and report it to the brass at your work. If that doesn’t work, take it to the police and seek legal help.

Talk to them

If talking to them is an option then talk the whole deal out. Let them know in clear words that you aren’t ready to tie the knot yet. Let them know of everything. Talk things out with them and tell them that it wasn’t fair of them to propose you in office.


Rejecting a proposal isn’t a difficult thing to do. You ought to know the right way to do it and it is all a cakewalk from there. Hence, reject the proposal in the best possible manner that you can.

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