Deepika Padukone’s ‘My Choice’ video at crossroads

Homi Adjania and Deepika Padukone have collaborated to create a powerful statement through video starring women who are bold in spirit, attitude and thoughts. The video has raised the issue of women’s empowerment from a new point of view. It emphasizes that women have choices in every matter of life and they can assert themselves in every sphere of life. Well, it is very true that women have choices and they can choose to deny traditions. Women can defy norms and follow their dreams. But with a lot of positive statements the video also makes some statements which have questionable moral value.

A wrong message for the masses

my choice

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Gender inequality and problems stemming from it have been in news for sometime and awareness in this matter is spreading. Women should feel themselves to be equal to men and not as subordinates. But, demanding gender equality does not necessarily mean that one has to overstep the bounds of morality. A public message like the Homi Adjania video should have been more precise without apparently exciting yet meaningless boasting by respected women of our society.

A woman can choose what she wants to wear that we agree with. Even women who are wearing short skirts should not be harassed. Women who party all night should not be abused. But if choice is the keyword and there is nothing like an ethical code then how can we stop the abuse and disrespect? They abusive also shout ‘My choice’ at us.

Choices comes with responsibilities

 ‘My Choice’

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Freedom, power and choices all come with responsibility. In the video Deepika is shown to talk about choices that can range from traditional to reckless. A woman has choices but she must also learn to take responsibilities for her choices. What if teenagers who have full access to internet watch this video and go out to seek partners for random sex? Reckless sex can lead to sexually transmitted diseases.

Choices should include being safe, avoiding unplanned pregnancy and acting like a mature person. Deepika has also stated that having sex outside marriage is ‘my choice.’ Well, what if men also say this? Then will it be abuse or empowerment? Crossing the limits of relationships without taking into account the pain your partner will have to go through can be a choice, but not a good one. Ending the marriage for love on the other hand will be a bold, criticized, yet much better choice. That is called taking a stance. Sex outside marriage or a relationship is cheating and nothing can glorify it.

Feminism for promotions

 Deepika Padukone’s

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Brands like to associate with causes that bring them to the limelight and Vogue is doing the same. Women’s empowerment is a topic, which women are buying and these brands are selling it. Empowerment means a lot more than having sex with a desired person. For some empowerment is taking the responsibility of their family and for some it is raising their children, giving them good education. Choices are not bereft of responsibilities and Homi Adjania has sadly overlooked this fact.

Choices are important for empowerment but so is the ethical sense of right and wrong. The Vogue empower video has sent out the wrong message using a celebrity. No wonder it is now receiving bashing from both men and women.

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