Domestic violence against men is on the rise but is justice being delivered?

Almost everyday we come across news of domestic violence against women and we consider it to be a gender specific crime. Our mindset prevents us from keeping in mind that man, just like women are vulnerable to domestic violence and women, just like men are capable of torturing their spouse if they choose.

Even the police do not take complaints of domestic violence from men seriously. They are harassed and embarrassed instead of being supported. This trend is inspiring women with criminal bent of mind to carry on domestic violence and threat in-laws with dire outcomes.

The other side of domestic violence

 desperate man suffering emotional pain, grief and deep depressio

Domestic violence on men arises several questions in mind of people such as if the victim is man then why did he tolerate abuse? The answer to this is that despite popular belief that every man is capable of violence some dislike it with gusto. They do not raise their voice because they hope that one day the torture will stop and the abuser will see sense. They stay mum because they care for their children and their safety. They do not fight back because they are afraid that protesting will lead to an FIR of domestic violence lodged against them. Yes, the laws are not just safeguarding women who are actually suffering domestic violence but also encouraging some devious ladies to use it against men. We need to look at domestic violence with an open mind and broader perspective for tackling it better and with more empathy.

The laws have a role to play


According to the members of Save Indian Family some women are using the Domestic Violence Act, 2005 which was supposed to help women victims of family violence against their husbands and in-laws. The common Indian man and his family lack the courage to go to the police in fear of being judged and harassed. A member of Indian Family Foundation, Mr. Zaveri has stated that 98% domestic violence complaints lodged by women are baseless. This does not mean that women are not being violated or tortured. This only indicates that a very small percentage of genuine victims are coming forward to tell their stories and lodge complaint.

Nature of violence

 domestic violence  (1)

Physical abuse is not the only form of domestic violence that men and women endure in the hands of their spouses. Some other forms of domestic violence include verbal violence, emotional violence, sexual abuse and economic abuse. Women who keep their husbands threatened not just abuse them physically but threaten to harm the children or elderly in-laws. Some women also threat their husbands of committing suicide and then laying the blame on them. Understanding the various types of domestic violence and accepting the fact that men too can be subjected to physical and psychological torment will help in reducing the vile crime.

Domestic crimes against men have risen in India in the past few years. The laws in favor of women have enabled women to threat their spouse and make them do what they please. Men still feel uneasy to publicly acknowledge that they are victims of domestic violence.

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