Digvijay Singh accepts relationship with Amrita Rai without any hesitation

Finally, Digvijay Singh has accepted his affair with the TV anchor Amrita Rai. Their alleged affair was the talk of the town since his and Amrita’s pictures went viral. Digvijay Singh is a 67-year-old Congress leader who on Wednesday announced his affair with a woman journalist via Twitter.


He put forward his honest acceptance by saying that he has no hesitation to accept his relationship with Amrita Rai. The former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh said that he has plans to marry that woman reporter, as Amrita and her husband have filed a mutual consent divorce case.

The Congress general secretary, Digvijay Singh added that after the divorce case is settled, they would formalize their affair. He also expressed his resentment via one of his tweets that read –“I do condemn encroachment in our private life.”

Digvijay Singh’s wife Asha passed away last year after a long fight with cancer. He has four daughters and a son from his first marriage.


On the other hand, Amrita Rai is a woman reporter in her early forty’s. She tweeted that she is ready to marry Digvijay after her divorce from her previous husband. She also expressed her anger in one of her tweets saying that her e-mail and computer were hacked. All the content therein was played around with. She said she strongly hates this fact as nobody has a right to encroach in her private life like this. Deeds like these are termed as a serious crime in India. She said she strongly hates and criticize this inhumane act of pilfering into someone’s personal life.

On this entire issue, Amrita’s husband said that his relation with Amrita ended long time back and she is free to decide the flow of her life. She can take independent decisions for herself. He expressed his thoughts via Facebook, that whatever decision Amrita takes, he will respect her decisions. Moreover, Rai’s husband put an appeal to all the people that instead of creating an embarrassing situation for the couple, they should respect their privacy and should not try to interfere in their personal matters.

However, BJP is playing the part of an opposition party very well as the party has raised the question of legality and morality on this entire issue. While criticizing Digvijay Singh, the BJP leader Meenakshi Lekhi said, “Secret marriage is not possible because there is no divorce. All I can say is that the lesson of morality gives a perverted definition and I think Congress leadership should take into cognizance because I cannot react more than this as I am not Mr Digvijay Singh.”

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