Do This If You Want To Avoid Blocked Home Drains

Whenever there are plumbing issues that appear, it is normal to feel destroyed. Out of all the different plumbing issues that could appear, plumbed drains are very common. It is really easy to understand why this can be a huge problem for you. The drains of a home are simply essential. They are the last defense line for the foreign matter that needs to stay out of the pipes.

The truth is that you can always deal with the blocked home drains. There are different things that you can actually do before you work with the professionals. Fix It Right Plumbing highlighted the fact that plumbing experts often see blocked drains because there are objects that are present inside them without actually having their place there. With this in mind, one of the best things that you can do to avoid blocked home drains is to be sure that you know about the following blocked drain causes.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is supposed to break down as it goes down the train. However, in some cases it can lead to backups. You need to talk with those that use the toilet and avoid flushing toilet paper. This does include the children that go through toilet training.

Hygiene and Sanitary Products

Such products should only be thrown in the trash. Unfortunately, many just try to flush them. You need to make it a regular habit to dispose of such products in the bathroom’s trash bin as opposed to toilet bowl.

Grease and Hair

Grease and HairAs you shower and bathe, grease and hair come off your body. When not properly attended to, it is possible to end up with really greasy hair-balls. This is not at all pretty. Various market products can help you deal with collections of hair and grease. However, one of the best things that you can do is to actually go inside the shower drain once per weak in order to remove what you can get to. This will help a lot more than what you imagine right now.


You often see blocked drains in the kitchen and when this happens, it is normally because of the fact that food items went down the drain. This is not at all healthy since food is going to rot. Excess foods that are present on dishes should always be removed before you clean. This needs to be a daily habit.


leftover-foodWhenever there is leftover grease that remains after you cook, be sure that you do not dump it inside the sink. The best thing that you can do is to collect it, maybe in a coffee can. Then, you want to dispose of the grease in your trash. An even better option would be to contact city services to see if there is something specific that is recommended.


Children play all around the home. Toys will be put wherever the child wants. It is important to establish protocol with kids in order for them to be aware of where they should play with their toys. It is much easier to explain where play time should happen as opposed to trying to teach that toys should not be flushed.

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