Do We Indians have a Sense Of Humour – NO

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No and most emphatically NO. We Indians do not have any thing even most remotely connected to Humour if it concerns us. If we have to pull legs and make fun of other people we take part in the whole process most enthusiastically, but when the shoe is on our feet we cannot bear its bite.

The worst people who cannot tolerate any fun making at their expense are the ones with a elephantine ego and those are naturally our esteemed politicians.

Say one word if only in jest against this section and be ready to bear the consequences. Poor Shashi Tharoor being a minister himself one would had thought he would have at least imbibed some of the qualities of Politicians the top most being never ever make fun of them. Being a man of words and computer savvy also was his undoing. Now he is ready to abjectly apologise to every one who is any one in the political arena for his cattle and holy cows.

Remember Shekhar Suman he went ahead with gusto tearing Laloo Prasad Yadav’s personality traits to shreds making fun of his way of talking, walking and every thing else. Did Laloo took it sportingly not at all he retaliated in his rustic manner and ultimately it became a slanging match with no boundaries or levels.

Raju Srivastava the very popular stand up comedian was recently pushed from the stage at the Rajeev Gandhi awards in Mumbai by music composer Vishal Dadlani because as per Raju, Vishal was feeling insecure as he was stealing his limelight.

Even restaurateur A D Singh asked the organisers of an NGO event to get Raju off the stage as he was spoiling the party. Now every one knows that Raju is expert at pulling legs especially Indian legs.
Well, that is obviously not acceptable at all.

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