Fighting Games – Lack of Innovation

Plagued by the L.O.I. (lack of innovation)

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In this new cycle of consoles we were promised things that were beyond our belief. They had lots of us thinking, “this generation of gaming would hold nothing back”. So let’s begin…3-D Fighting games typically have always been the same, with some being more in depth with moves (Tekken) and some being over the top in action (Dead or Alive).

We love our fighters but where’s the “next generation y” part?… Hmmm no where to be found. By now I figured we’d be using people who fought with weapons and without weapons in the same game. I thought environmental fighting was supposed to be the new norm.

When do I get to stomp that loose floor board to chin check my opponent or catch something they threw at me or even better kick it back. We need variables and without variables there will never be fighting games that play near what we see in Monty Oum’s “Dead Fantasy” series. See folks these days (as if you didn’t already know) pretty graphics means next-generation to most developers.

We need to voice our opinion and let them know that, “hey, when my character dodges and i’m against a wall, there needs to be consequences for my opponents “slight miscalculated” hand”. There’s a million things that can make a fighting game better even without those things I mentioned. So how come everything feels so static? Block, block attack…whoo hoo (chews bubble gum).. See, I was horribly let down by another one of my favorite fighting games SF4. Why you ask?

This is why, It’s on a “NEXT-GENERATION” console. Gamers have settled for these same boring formulas forever now and with this being a 2D/3D art style they could have really blown us out of our boots. Although it is solid and nice looking…. Where’s that “Holy S***” factor?… It’s gone. Fighting games are supposed to make us feel like our finger tips are gonna melt if we hit the wrong button at the wrong time. Why are they still using health bars?

Are our characters not detailed enough to show exhaustion for weakness? Also music should play a more grand contentual role in fighting games (think ssx) but developers haven’t really grasped that yet either. Fighters are supposed to be intense to the point that your blood boils from excitement.

In this generation when we pick up the controller and we’re skilled, there should be absolutely no chance for a newbie to win. But all of this comes with innovation and developers should know this by now. But, until they figure it out. I guess we have to just settle for the same dry formula of snazzier graphics and some juggles or something……. c’mon guys.

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