Enactment of a National Health Act in India

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Enactment of a National Health Act
Enact the National Health Act to guarantee the right to comprehensive, quality health care at public expense in relevant health institutions to all, where every one is entitled to the full range of guaranteed, free
health services.
1.The Act must ensure that all persons approaching all clinical establishments including private establishments would enjoy legally enshrined rights including the rights to information and records, display of rates as relevant, informed consent, confidentiality, non-discrimination, rational care according
to minimum standards and management guidelines, and emergency medical care. It must restrict unethical and unlawful practices such as “cross practice”, i.e. practice of one system of medicine by those trained in a different system.
2. The Act must ensure the entitlements of the people to key health determinants including nutrition, clean drinking water and healthy environmental conditions.
3. The Act must ensure systems and processes for community based monitoring and mechanisms for redressal at various levels towards the fulfillment of rights in both public and private settings.
To operationalise the right to comprehensive, quality health care for all as envisaged in the Act, the following policy measures will also have to be implemented:
4. Substantial strengthening and expansion of primary as well as secondary, tertiary, rural and urban health facilities in public sector as models whose standards should be followed by the private sector.

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