End of Gandhi Dynasty appears as close as the coming elections

The Lok Sabha elections are close now but it is still not clear whether Rahul Gandhi is the final choice for Prime Ministership if Congress wins the elections, which however seems quite unlikely in present situation. The unclear picture within the Congress party itself tells us about the dilemma Rahul Gandhi is in himself.

Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

Looking back into history

If we look back, the party has been in power most of the time and had to sit in the opposition for only thirteen years since independence.

After death of Rajiv Gandhi, the mantle was taken over by his widow, Sonia Gandhi who worked to promote the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty well and became the Congress chairperson in 1998 and has become one of the top politicians in the country getting the party to win the elections in 2004 and 2009.


Sonia Gandhi and UPA Government

Sonia Gandhi has been head of UPA government for the last ten years with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh being just a PM working as per her orders.

During the two 5 year terms, UPA government has not been able to show any progress, there were problems in the coalition and ministers marred by corruption charges. Additionally economic growth rate went down from almost nine percent to about five percent during this period.


Dynasties in Indian Subcontinent

It has been seen through statistical analysis that there are several dynasties in Indian subcontinent but most of them did not have any significant role in development of the country and the same we find in India as well with about third of all members of Congress belonging to some dynasty who became MPs in 2009 government.

It is worth mentioning here that there was no direct link between Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru family. Indira Gandhi was married to Feroze Gandhy, who later on changed spelling of his last name and helped the family create association with the name Mahatma Gandhi, and assisted the party win crucial votes in many elections since common people assumed there were family links between the two families.


Lack of Implementation

During the 2004 elections, Rahul Gandhi showed hopes of a new India and showed interest in tackling caste divide that is a major problem in India but since then 10 years have passed and there has been no progress in this regard which is demoralizing for many.

Rahul has shown keen interest in changing the democratic system for the better but never actually worked on implementing them. This lack of initiative from his end whether it is policy changes or clearing stand on Prime Ministership candidature, have been costly for the party which is now facing a certain defeat in the coming election.

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