Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Political parties relying on candidates facing criminal charges

India is the world’s biggest democracy. However, the morals and ethics of our political system have substantially fallen in past years. Politics in India has become a dirty affair laden with all sorts of negative aspects. One serious charge on our political system is that every third politician or candidate standing for the upcoming elections is criminal. According to a research done recently, every fifth election candidate has criminal charges on them varying from rape, murder to extortion.

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Criminalization in the world’s biggest democracy is the most saddening phenomena. Imagine a rapist minister- heading department of women safety in the country. Do you think that with such ministers anybody can be safe? Absolutely not! When the leader himself is corrupt and is a criminal, how can they control other wrong doers?

To control or guide others, you yourself need to be spotless and clean at first place. We cannot have lawbreakers making laws for the society.

The candidates examined so far, 269 (18%) have confirmed to all the criminal charges put against them. The highest fraction came from BJP, and a shocking 17% are from the newly formed Aam Admi party.

How off-putting this is. A party, which has anti-corruption as its motto, has leaders who themselves are sunk in various filthy deeds.


The study exposed about half of India’s 35 states and union territories. Of these, Kerala – the southern state known for high levels of growth and education – had the highest proportion of candidates facing charges, though the charges are less offensive than the politicians in other states. Twenty-three candidates, who are campaigning for seven seats in Delhi, face some serious charges along with a jail sentence of more than 5years.

Soon after the gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student in Delhi in December 2012, the ADR released data showing that hundreds of men accused of sexual violence towards women stood up in Indian elections in the previous five years, including more than 30 charged with rape.


This is a serious danger haunting the citizens of India. Although, the government and the citizens, both are to be blamed for this occurrence. Government is supposed to banish the existing politicians with criminal charges and bar the future introduction of criminals to the politics.

In addition, the citizens who are the voters, they are required to grow their knowledge in terms of whom they are voting for and why.

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