Will Pakistan’s foreign policy loosen its thrust on India

Pakistan is undoubtedly undergoing a metamorphosis in its foreign policy as Islamabad has changed its stance with certain neighbouring countries.  For instance, its main thrust is on China and its removal of pressing issues with Iran.  However, for India, the fact remains is whether Pakistan would stop resorting to terror tactics as a part of its foreign policy.


Politicians are talking about many things during the run up to the General Elections when it comes to cross-border terrorism and Pakistan.  This topic has raised many debates not only in India but also across the border.

However, recently, the foreign office in Islamabad has expressed its discontentment in the way the politicians are dealing with Pakistan as a poll gimmick as their spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said, “Unlike Pakistan, where India is not an issue; in India, Pakistan has become a poll issue unfortunately.”

Their official statement is however, a lie, as India has always been the prime topic of concern for Pakistan at all times- but with the changed political scenario in Pakistan and the Nawaz Sharif-led government, it is yet to be seen whether the animosity against India would be resolved as the US is pressing for better relations.

The state of the matter remains that India is still being targeted by terrorists who receive support from the ISI of Pakistan and despite the various arrests of Indian Mujahideen commanders of Pakistani descent, there still looms the threat of the Taliban intruders through the Nepal border.

As they say, old habits die hard and Pakistan will continue to maintain its ulterior motives in trying to weaken India as their foreign policy essentially is focussed on ways and means of creating havoc in New Delhi.  In fact, during the last general elections in Pakistan, India was at the focus of all the parties and mostly all of the Islamist groups vowed their support to the political parties in exchange for continuing their undercover terrorism in India.


However, the saving grace is that Nawaz Sharif is a moderate politician, but it is too early to comment on their course of action when it comes to their foreign policy.  Furthermore, Pakistan is trying to grapple with the Pakistani Taliban and at present, it cannot afford tensions at either ends of its borders.

Above, that India’s role in Afghanistan has earned it brownie points as opposed to Pakistan and the latter is confused as to emulate India’s constructive efforts or side with the Taliban.  The current Syrian crisis has divided the Arab world and the Saudi and Iran rivalry has changed the political scenario.

Saudi, who earlier always supported Pakistan, has now modified its approach towards India.  Saudi Arabia realises that Pakistan has created its own Frankenstein terrorism that it cannot contain and realise the peril, particularly after what happened to Afghanistan.  Pakistan most certainly has a lot to think about when it comes to its foreign policy with multiple nations.

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