Even Celebrities make mistakes, why can’t we?

Celebrities are first of all human beings just like others and hence they are expected to make mistakes or errors just like other human beings. If a common person makes mistakes then nobody comes to know about it. But when that same mistake is committed by a celebrity everyone in the world comes to know about it and that courtesy goes to the media or the paparazzi. The media should not be interfering with the private lives of any celebrities. They are humans just like us and everyone should be given their private space.

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There are many of us who literally idolize such celebrities and it goes to such a level that we try to copy everything our beloved celebrity does. In the process we even commit those actions which are accounted as folly without thinking twice just because our idol has done it. After this, it is us who blame these celebrities for making such mistakes. There should be no comparison between the common people and the celebrities. Each and every person is unique in their own way and hence there is no need to imitate celebrities in order to enhance oneself. Celebrities are those persons who have reached their height of success through their own hard work and devotion and obviously through our support. It doesn’t mean we will always use them as entertainment. They should be given their space as well and allowed to live their own private lives.

paparazzi The mistakes of the celebrities can be withheld when they are in public but not if they commit it in their private lives. If it had been the case which concerned our lives we wouldn’t have been happy either. No one wants any kind of external interference in their private lives. Celebrities have become what they are today because of the hard work and devotion they put in to establish their careers and it is their professional life. Just like a common person goes to office which is his profession similarly celebrities are all professional in their respective fields of interest. So, if we can make mistakes then celebrities can also and vice-versa. When we stop making comparisons with celebrities from the human point of view then this division will not exist. We should always remember that celebrities are human beings first and then they are stars.

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