Outdated fashion accessories for 2014

Fashion statements or rather fashion trends we follow are mostly inspired from our favorite celebrities. Sometimes they take daring steps and experiment with fashion articles which boosts our confidence sometimes to take daring steps just like them. Then there are also some trends which the public should not follow attributing to their outrageousness.
Outdated fashion accessories:

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Shutter shades – They originally came into trend back in the 1950’s and were again becoming a new evolved trend in the recent times, i.e. retro fashion. But these glasses are far from being desirable because of the colors in which they are available and it also appears that the person wearing them is having some miniature kind of blinds upon their eyes. There is also a doubt whether a person can see properly after wearing.


Statement belt buckles – Once these belt buckles were the trend with big words spelled on them and some had rhinestones on them which seemed ages old when someone wore them. Of late these statement belt buckles have taken a back seat in the world of fashion. Sleek belts are now in vogues and that too in various colors.

Wedge sneakers – Wedge sneakers are really cool while some of them are not. They are somewhat like the old-school trend which is a little backdated as compared to the modern fashion scene. Ankle boots are far better than these sneakers if compared.

It is more comfortable for those who have to be on their feet for a larger part of the day. So, forget about all wedge sneakers and replace them with ankle boots if you want to look more stylish . step out in style and be in sync with the changing fashion.

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Large bling bling – These were in fashion long back. It mainly symbolizes the hippie culture  the punk culture. In the modern era it might suit rappers but they should be forgotten by the public as they don’t look cool on everyone. Sometimes they appear too loud. They are not at all in fashion nowadays. Although most of the celebs sported it till very recently but now it is completely out of trend.

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Frosted pink lips –Bubblegum pink lip color or frosted pink lips are completely outdated. It doesn’t go with most dresses or with other accessories and hence appears out of place. You would rather go with solid colors, dark shades or matte finish colors.

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