Exciting Esthetician Careers

Exciting Esthetician Careers

Your skin’s complexion can make or break the start of your day. What you see in the mirror matters. In a perfect world, everyone would wake up with clear, glowing skin. For many people, however, dark circles, fine lines, sun spots and dry blotches are their reality. While there’s no miracle pill for flawless skin, there is a profession that works a bit of magic on the skin. Estheticians are the skin care experts who work in a variety of settings – from doctors’ offices to Hollywood makeup chairs –  to make life a little more beautiful for a diverse clientele.  If you love beatifying the skin with makeup and facials and enjoy working with people, consider an exciting career as an esthetician.


Enrolling in an accredited Esthetician School, such as the top-rated program at Marinello Beauty School, is the first step to starting a rewarding career as an esthetician. Through Esthetician School, you learn how to analyze a client’s skin, administer different facial techniques, expertly apply makeup and shape eyebrows. A well-rounded skin care program will also train you in the business and health and safety aspects of the esthetician field. Advanced courses and seminars teach services including dermabrasion, waxing and lasering.


Estheticians are essentially makeover artists. They take a blank canvas – the client’s skin – and make it over to look younger and brighter. As makeover artists, many estheticians go right from studying at Esthetician School to working alongside hair dressers in salons. At salons, estheticians give facials, wax away unwanted hair, shape eyebrows and apply makeup for special occasions, such as proms and weddings.


If you’re a natural-born saleswoman, working inside a high-end department store or luxury beauty boutique affords the opportunity to earn commission on top of an hourly wage. Inside retail stores, estheticians offer facials, makeovers and brow shaping for shoppers. Estheticians also use their skin analysis training from Esthetician School to match customers with the skin care and makeup products ideal for their individual needs.

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From A-list celebrities to the overworked mom just looking to relax, people turn to estheticians at spas to help them unwind and rejuvenate their skin. At beauty spas, estheticians use their skills to turn back the clock on skin care damage from sun and aging with techniques ranging from the common, such as microdermabrasion, to the bizarre, such as themicroneedling “vampire facial” Kim Kardashian tried on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”


With specialized training after Esthetician School, you can put your talents to work in the medical field. Under the supervision of doctors, estheticians work in medical spas, dermatologists offices and plastic surgery centers. Medical offices provide estheticians a chance to work with cutting edge technology, operating lasers, needles and assisting with more invasive procedures.


If the allure of the entertainment industry is calling your name, a career as a makeup artist to the stars may be your ticket to Hollywood. Estheticians work behind the scenes to get actors and actresses camera-ready for film and television. As an esthetician specializing in makeup, you can also work with models for photo shoots and runway shows around the world.

Career Growth and Salary

All types of esthetician careers are in-demand in the job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth of nearly 40 percent is expected from 2012 to 2022 for skin care specialists; this rate is significantly faster than the growth rate of the average occupation. Salaries for estheticians vary depending on the chosen career path. Estheticians working in the medical field, for example, can expect an average yearly income of about $45,000, according to the BLS. The median pay across the United States is $28,640 per year.

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