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Many of us dream of traveling the world, but we find ourselves chained to our 9-to-5 jobs sitting behind a desk all day. Maybe we get the chance to go somewhere great for a week or two once a year, but it’s just not the same as getting to jet from place to place and learn about new people and things as a way of life.

You may think that kind of life is completely out of reach — available only to the very rich or to people with glamorous jobs like international diplomats. In reality, that kind of life is a lot more accessible than you think. With only a college degree, you could be living in exotic locations while also getting paid for a job you enjoy.

Here are a few careers you might like that would let you travel the world:

Traveling Nurse

People all over the world need professional medical care, but many countries are facing a serious lack of qualified healthcare workers. As a nurse, you could travel all over the world providing care.

Labor and delivery nurse jobs are especially in demand. Countries throughout Africa are experiencing high maternal mortality rates, as are countries like Cambodia, Belize, Costa Rica and the Bahamas.

As a nurse of any kind, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping save lives. As a traveling nurse, you can feel good knowing that you are making an even bigger impact in a place that needs your help, and live in beautiful new places while you’re doing it. A bachelor of science degree in nursing would set you up well for a career in this field.

Airline Worker

Pilots, flight attendants, air marshals and other airline workers get paid to travel. They help other people get to their destination, and in the process, they get to spend a few days or more exploring that location.

Sometimes, airline workers only have a few hours between flights. However, if they were on a longer flight, such as an international flight, they have to have more time to rest before they can take off again. They can use that time for their own exploration.

As an airline worker, you also get access to free and discounted flights. You’ll have the means to travel anywhere you like in your down time, allowing you to see the world.


English Teacher

You don’t have to get an education degree in order to be an English teacher in another country. In most cases, so long as you are a native English speaker, all you need is a college degree (in any subject). Some more advanced teaching positions (and those that pay more money) may require additional credentials.

However, if all you want to do is travel and get paid while doing it, you can make a good living as an entry-level English teacher. Asian countries like Korea, China and Japan have the most demand while also paying some of the best wages, but you can teach in places like Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, and even Iran.

Don’t expect to find jobs in Europe. You have to have an EU passport to get hired, and many natives already speak English.

Don’t settle for a life less ordinary. If you want to see the world and have a little more excitement in your life, consider pursuing a career that allows you to travel while also paying a good wage. These jobs are just a few of the many that might appeal to you.


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