‘Factory Girl’ takes driving lessons

sinna miller on the drivers seat 2263
Don’t rub your eyes if you thought that the lady in the driver’s seat resembles our own Sienna Miller. Because the havoc creating sienna Miller is obsessed with a new passion and this time her mind has settled on taking driving lessons.

siennas new tatto 2263The 25-year-old has been recently spotted taking driving lessons with the British School of Motoring which is near to her place in north London.

The Casanova star who is famous for her whimsical ways and experimental nature has decided to take the driver’s seat.

The New York born English actress/model is in a merry mood nowadays as she revealed her new tattoo. Its a small bird design on the inside of her wrist and it seems the flying bird with an outstretched wings has inspired Sienna a lot and she wants to set herself flying around in town.

Bon Voyage Sienna.


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