Facts you never knew about Iron Man

The Iron Man movie series has been one of the most popular and extremely loved superhero movies. Ever since Iron Man made his debut on the screen, the movie has dominated almost all the areas making its presence felt everywhere from school lunch boxes to frozen pizza carriers, winning the hearts of people young and old. However, there are many unheard and unknown facts about the movie which are revealed in this article. Read to know more.Nicolas Cage

For those who believe that Robert Downey Jr. was the first and the best choice for the role of Iron man, here is something really surprising. The first person to be considered for the role of Iron Man was none other than the hot and sizzling Tom Cruise who refused to accept the character since he did not find the script interesting. The second man who showed interest in the character was Nicolas Cage.

Many of us are aware that the Marvel Comics universe had a character named Jarvis who was the loyal and faithful butler of the Avengers. However, JARVIS in the Iron Man films was not just a small name. It was acronym for of the long term: Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. This was the name of Stark?s Al system that supported his superhero feats.

Demon in a Bottle

The concept of Iron Man first came into being as an anti communist hero at the peak of the Cold War during 1963. Iron Man completed a glorious span of amazing 50 years and has evolved to be very technology dependant. This great character was even showed to fight back alcoholism in the 1970 movie named Demon in a Bottle. During these 50 years, the great character has fought back various enemies including the Skrulls to Dr. Doom.

It would be very surprising to know that the Iron Man suit would be a reality very soon. Various companies including Lockheed Martin are in race to design exoskeletons that would work like Iron Man?s armor. Human Universal Load Carrier aims at providing soldiers a suit that would make them carry great load at a good speed for a long duration of time.


Iron Man has a long history, and several interesting and little known events dot the landscape of the characters journey in movies, and in comic books.

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