Fighting baldness depression: How to cope up with hair loss


Receding hairline is a matter of concern eating into your waking moments. Going bald is a disaster to your looks, building balding anxiety in the initial stage, followed by a gradual slippage into baldness depression. A head full of thick hair improves your self-esteem and confidence.

It is a vital part of your image like your physical built, education, wit, voice, the way you speak and your leadership qualities. From the relationship angle, balding men are disliked by the opposite sex – at least that is the popular notion. Balding doesn’t harm your physical and mental potential as such. But the response of the world around you to your shining pate is what infuriates you, shattering your self-confidence.

Baldness, or rather the impaired mental status arising out of losing hair, has a remedy. There are far important issues in life that you need to fight which makes you handsome. The strength of your character outweighs the adverse feeling that you get from being bald.

Baldness depression: What it is?

baldness-depressionAccording to psychotherapist Gershen Kaufman, Ph.D, baldness brings in a feeling of social embarrassment. You look around and see that most of the people aren’t going bald and this elevates your inferiority complex. Balding makes you look senior to your biological age and it is human instinct to crave for evergreen looks.

The stigma of carrying alopecia, the scientific term for baldness, is like a tumor in the flesh. It shakes the foundation of your personality. Baldness depression is a product of your declining self-esteem. Many psychologists hold that going bald is nothing serious, but it is not often the soothing balm for the depressed. Wonder how many of these psychologists would deliver optimism if they are going bald themselves. From a practical viewpoint, baldness may bring about emotional and psychological erosion.

Few underlying reasons why baldness depression is very real and not self-created melancholy:

Baldness hastens aging looks:

ageingAs nature has designed it, aging men lose hair and so do the animals going through senile decay. They lose their manes. Your receding hairline projects a picture of ageing. This compounded by an unpleasant expression on the face about own looks conveys that everything is not healthy and fit – especially when you explore yourself in front of the mirror or your friends pass a taunting remark in public your baldness sadness aggravates.

Failing to attract the opposite sex:

Alopecia depreciates your image in front of the opposite sex. Since you don’t have hair on your head you are a frustrated loser in this competition. Baldness depression is bound to set in!

Missing out the trendy hairstyles:

trendy hairstyleYou can grow, crop, dye and change the pattern of your hairstyle according to your fancy. But these options altering your appearance are available to people with nice strands of hair. For the balding men, there is practically no choice. This incapacity pinches badly bringing in a fresh deluge of baldness depression.

The feel of humiliation by others:

Balding men often cannot digest mockery by friends referring to their receding hairline. If baldness is very pronounced, every remark from friends in public feels like slight. But there is no alternative they are forced to ingest this cajolery feeling anger building inside. But there is no immediate vent, being in the crowd feels like a curse and isolation feels like a shelter. Thought of meeting friends in social gatherings triggers balding anxiety. Gradually, this fear converts into a feeling of defeat and baldness depression sets in.

Inability to share the feelings:

Inability to share the feelingsMost people going through the baldness ordeal don’t share their pain. This makes things worse. A continued feeling of depression pushes them to the brink of loneliness. They prefer to shut themselves out from social contact which is not healthy either from both physical and mental angles.

Drifting away from disciplined life:

More than focusing on regular struggles of life, they are rather abnormally focused on their handicap. There are instances of bald people standing in front of mirror exploring what went wrong with their hairline. More they spend time in this vain endeavor, the more intense is the baldness depression. They are even envious of people blessed with a luxurious growth of hair.

According to the image consultant Amanda Sanders of New York Image Consultants, balding men are embarrassed by how they look and try to hide the fact. This is damaging to their personality more than the baldness itself. In fact, for womenfolk, baldness in men is not at all an issue. The personality and self-confidence in a man should be powerful and that’s what draws the opposite sex. There are examples from Hollywood as well. Samuel Jackson, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis and Ed Harris care a fig about their baldness.

Strategies to cope up with hair loss:

Accept baldness as a fact of lifeSome people may find it hard to cope up with hair loss, but attitude matters.

  • Joining a support group will be a great idea where you meet with other people suffering from alopecia. You can socialize and share your thoughts with them.
  • Accept baldness as a fact of life. Everyone is born with perfect beauty. Rather you should concentrate on your strong points and try improving them.
  • Talk about your baldness and how you feel about it with your family members. Their views and advice could be highly therapeutic. At least, you have passed on your feelings and that makes you feel lighter.
  • You may go for cover-ups. Walk into men’s beauty parlor and take an expert’s advice on what sort of wig would suit you best.
  • Be patient. Re-growth of hair after proper treatment may take a considerable time. Don’t believe in miracle potions promising hair re-growth overnight. They simply do not exist.

Tips to handle baldness:

You cannot reverse baldness, but there are tips to handle this issue which can be extremely beneficial.

  • Start exercising. Girls like well-built men and if you could cultivate sobriety and polish to go with – nothing like it. It will reinforce the lost glory.
  • Instead of nursing a few weak strands, you can shave your head altogether. It gives you a powerful and assertive look. Trick is whether you were bald at all is nicely camouflaged.
  • Sport a beard. It will compensate for the loss of hair on the head. A sort of equilibrium is achieved in overall hair distribution. It makes you look aggressive.
  • Dress immaculately and put on a nice pair of shoes. It will add a positive dimension to your appearance. Public attention will shift from your head to how you are dressed.
  • Alter your focus from your receding hairline to something more significant and rewarding. Utilize opportunities in life by starting an entrepreneurship venture. Learn public speaking and cultivate leadership qualities. Once mastered, these will take you to new heights.
  • You may see doctors. Medications and hair transplants could be possible solutions. Ask them which one to go for. Prescribed medication or over the counter drugs like Minoxidil and Finasteride are available. Know about its side effects. If you wish for hair transplant, look for an approved clinic with qualified and experienced surgeons.
  • Come to attend children and women with issues of hair loss. Look for remedy at the earliest stage and give them full mental support. Alopecia among women is not uncommon. Inculcate a conviction among them – it is not a stigma and post awareness links in social media.
  • Use a laser cap to help regrow your hair back. Kiierr’s laser caps use low-level laser therapy with medical grade laser diodes to stimulate your hair follicles growing your hair back thicker and healthier than before.

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