The Technologies at the Heart of Modern Communications Systems


Communication is one of the most important things in life. On both a personal and professional level, all of us have to be able to communicate to some degree. The ways that we communicate with one another change over time. New technologies are constantly emerging and it is all but impossible to say how people a decade from now will choose to talk with one another.

The following four technologies are absolutely essential for modern business communications. Without these in place, businesses would find it difficult or impossible to field all their communications.


VOIPVOIP technology has been around for a long time but has only come into its own relatively recently. Skype has become an important communication tool for many people who spend a significant amount of their time away from home. Phoning home from another country (or planet) can be very expensive. While our smartphones have become more capable, a regular phone call from one country to another still incurs some pretty hefty charges.

Fortunately, there are now a plethora of apps and services that utilize VOIP to send your voice over the internet rather than through a cell phone network.

VOIP isn’t just popular amongst individuals, adoption amongst businesses has exploded in recent years, especially as more businesses seek unified cloud communications.

2. Social Media

social mediaLove it or loathe it, social media is a vital communications tool for both people and businesses. Some businesses now opt for a social media presence over a traditional website, although most would still recommend that you use social media to enhance a full website, rather than replace it.

For all its faults, social media platforms make it very easy for people and businesses to exchange messages and media with one another. Whether this means sharing a photo of your dog with your best friend, or news about your business with your customers, social media makes it quick, easy, and best of all, free.

3. PCBs

PCBsYou would be hard-pressed to find a modern communications device that didn’t have a printed circuit board at its heart. In fact, we’d wager that it’s more or less impossible, with regards to electronic devices anyway. Businesses like Altium produce CAD software that makes designing printed circuit boards as quick and easy as possible. The widespread availability of PCB design software means that the barriers for both businesses and hobbyists who want to design and build their own circuit boards have never been lower.

From smartphones to routers and modems, PCBs are the heart and soul of modern electronic devices.

4. Routing Systems

Routing-Systems.Big businesses have communications flowing through their networks constantly. Their phone lines, data lines, and other communications channels are carrying communications 24/7 in some cases. Routing systems are vital in ensuring that no individual line becomes overwhelmed and overloaded. These devices are often overlooked but without them, big corporations would find it very difficult to cope with all their incoming communications.

Any business that wants to maximize its communications abilities needs to have all of the above technologies working together. If just one of these pieces is not present, the entire communications infrastructure collapses.

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