Why you should be at Flury’s at least once in your lifetime?

Founded in 1927 by Joseph and Frieda Flurys, the legendary confectionary sits in the heart of Calcutta at Park Street. Though we always associate Flury’s with Calcutta, it must be known that they have spawned all over India in a subtle colour of muted pink and chocolate brown. The Flury’s team is always experimenting new ways to treat your taste buds in unique and beautiful ways. Visiting this heritage place once would leave you with a big hole in your pocket, but it will not disappoint you altogether.Calcutta Flurys ambience

Here is a list, why we love to visit Flury’s

The history of the place

The Swiss tearoom has been up since before our independence. So naturally we add a ‘wow’ factor to it as something which has remained the same over all these years, delivering the best confections and a wonderful experience. Flury’s has been able to last five generations with a set standard in the gourmet confectionary segment.

The ambience

The interior of the Flury’s is a mixture of new and old, clashing so daintily, that you are sure to fall in live with. It is decorated in a cute way all year round, but adds more glamour during the Christmas and New Year’s time. Birthdays are best spent in here, as can have all the waiters singing for you and play light music if asked for. The ambience is the next best things about Flury’s after its exotic range of delicacies

 The lip smacking food at Calcutta Flurys

The lip smacking food

There is a reason, that the food is listed third in this list, because, you don’t visit Flury’s for its good food. You go there to have an experience of a lifetime, just sitting there, staring at the interior and wondering how many summers it had seen. But the food is good, no doubt, the best, though the prices being a bit on the higher side. Flury’s brought to India for the first time ultimate Swiss delicacies like Rum Balls, Meringues, cakes, freshly baked breads, rich puddings, the apple strudel, linzer and sacher tortes, muddy fudges and cheese cakes, and what not?  It remains open all day, from breakfast to dinner, just hop in any time. The birthday cakes, customized to your needs are also something which makes Flury’s stand out from all other confectioners.

Oh! Deserts!

The deserts, a must try for all. Visiting Flury’s and not trying on their wide range of deserts is like eating only the cherry from a tasty three tiered cake. Flury’ has been the ice cream paradise since its first opening in the city; some favourite choices are the chocolate chip ice cream, and the snowman’s softy. The pineapple cream cake and the strawberry cube will all make you want to close your eyes, and let them do the magic inside your mouth.

 unique methods to add to the flavour at Calcutta Flurys

Why so expensive?

This too is a reason you would want to visit the place even more. The chocolates they use come from s single region which needs a lot of preserving in unique methods to add to the flavour. The chocolate is the finest of all, and as you know that good things come with great price, you won’t mind shedding an extra shilling for this cause, would you?

A visit to Flury’s is like turning a page from history. It will always remain a nostalgic place for every Calcuttan, and Indian as it has a huge history to share. The chequered marble floors, chandeliers and fish tank, will always remind us of the lineage, which are as unique as its menu. We spend many a Christmas and Easter drooling over the fine delicacies and Flury’s will always remain our favourite tearoom, and we can never imagine Park Street without Flury’s.

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