Why women crave for attention from their men?

There are a lot of names for an attention seeking woman, none of which are pleasant. Such hostility makes us wonder what is it that these women do that ends up irritating their own men to no ends. Read on as we try to figure this mystery out.

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If your woman is what you’d call an attention seeker, then there is a good enough chance that she is insecure. This is probably the most common of reasons behind women being so. I am not saying that they call their guys 4-5 times a day just because they are insecure, but one doesn’t call that many times only to know the whereabouts of the other person if she wasn’t.

Women are more inclined towards domesticity and monogamy than men

There is no doubt about this. Women leave men far behind as far as inclination to be with their spouses is concerned. It is this faithfulness of women that draws men towards them in the first place and it is the same faithfulness that kind of repulses them later. Being faithful is not bad, in fact it is one of the good qualities that women have, just their expression of it is wrongly perceived.

It may be Previous Bad Experience or love that makes women to crave for attention from their men

Bad Previous Experience

There is a good enough chance that the girl has had a previous experience where she has been open minded with her boyfriend or husband which had eventually led to circumstances where she realizes that her guy has been cheating on her for sometime but she was too oblivious to see that. She would like to make sure that this does not happen so checking on her guy from time to time does not seem that bad an idea.

Simply Love

Well, most people do not consider this, but this reason has as good a chance as any of being the case with your girl. I mean she just loves you too much to stay away from you for too long, she wants your undivided attention and you should give her that because she is not faltering in giving you hers.

As long as she does not get on your nerves, attention craving women are not that bad, in fact I know men who have a certain kind of fetish for such women. And women will do well to control this urge of theirs f they know that it is bound to upset their man.

Summary – Every one of us is an attention seeker one way or the other, but what we are here to discuss, is the reason behind women being so as we have all come across a woman or two in our lifetimes who is/was/has been an attention seeker.

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