Free Enterprise Is Alive In Afghanistan

It is no secret that 35 years of war, whether from the invasion of Soviet or American forces, or civil war between the Kabul government and the Taliban, has left the nation of Afghanistan in tatters. However, what is less commonly remarked upon is the unmistakable fact that the people of Afghanistan are showing their pride and their resilience in slowly but surely rebuilding their nation’s civic and commercial life.

Repairing The Ravages Of War

It will be undoubtedly be quite some time before two generations’ worth of the ravages of war are healed. However, there are signs that progress toward the much needed healing of the nation is proceeding. One of the tell tale signs of recovery is the progress being made by many native sons of Afghanistan who are returning to their country, pooling their efforts, and making great strides toward helping the nation rebuild its commercial and civic independence.

Overcoming The Hurdles Of Interference And Red Tape

There are a great many cultural, political, and financial hurdles to be overcome before one can establish a business of any kind in Afghanistan. There are the cultural barriers poised by the multitude of tribal authorities, as well as the presence of fundamentalist Islam represented by the Taliban. There is also the reality of having to cut through seemingly endless stretches of red tape furnished by a divided and distracted government.

However hard the task may seem at first, the fact is that there are a handful of brave and determined individuals who really are cutting through the maze of red tape and interference set up by those who barely understand what they are attempting to achieve. As a result, real progress is being made toward restoring the financial independence and credibility of the Afghan nation.


Creating A Telecommunications Network, From The Ground Up

One of the hardest challenges to overcome in Afghanistan has been the creation of a nationwide mobile telephone communications network. However, the ground was finally laid in 2002, when a partnership between the Afghan Ministry of Communications and Telephone Systems International led to the creation of the Afghan Wireless Communications Company.

Many native Afghan entrepreneurs, who were educated abroad but returned to the country after the fall of the Taliban, were instrumental in the creation of this company. Today, the company is able to connect over four million Afghan citizens with excellent wireless service throughout the entire country, as well as the outside world. Such an accomplishment of free enterprise may seem paltry but, within its proper context, represents a palpable victory.

How A Wireless Network Is Connecting The Nation

The establishment and further growth of companies, such as Afghan Wireless among many others, represents a signal victory for the forces of progress and free enterprise in this war torn nation. Not only does the network allow citizens of the country to connect with each other, but it also encourages communication with the outside world. This communication is precisely what enables international deals to be made. In this manner, much needed capital is beginning to flow into the nation, representing money that can be used to rebuild the nation’s long suffering infrastructure.

The Battle Is Fierce, But Progress Is Undeniable

While the battle for modernity is still ongoing in Afghanistan, the achievements made by native Afghans who have returned from exile to aid their country in its time of greatest need should be applauded. They are facing unimaginable hardships, but are more than holding their own.

Despite the undeniable severity and multiplicity of the challenges ahead, much progress has already been made toward restoring the civic, cultural, and commercial independence of the Afghan nation. For more information concerning the activities of these brave, resourceful, and civic minded individuals, there is a wealth of sources on the Internet that can be referred to, such as Ehsanollah Bayat’s, among many others.


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